You’ve come to the right place if,

  • You’re part of a startup or team.
  • You feel the systems you have – for project management, team wiki, metrics tracking, etc – are inefficient.
  • You want to move to Notion.
  • You need someone who loves setting up systems (hint: me!).

P.S. I’m one of 13 Notion Certified Consultants in the United States right now.

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Soundarya’s knowledge of Notion and approach to mindful productivity is unlike anything I’ve seen, mainly due to her ability to humanize questions about working and living with intention. She not only puts concepts of mindful productivity into action, but has developed her own systems that are approachable, adaptable, and effective.

I’ve been working with Soundarya for two months now. Before meeting her, I did not know about Notion. As a founder of a global technology company working on multiple critical projects, I used pen and paper extensively to take notes and organize my daily and weekly schedules. It was complex. Thanks to Soundarya, everything is Notion for me now – note-taking with tags, daily planning, weekly planning, prioritizing and being able to get more done. She is more than an amazing consultant, she is a caring coach who genuinely wants her clients to accomplish more.

Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli, CEO of MentorCloud

My life is filled with interesting projects and experiments. So, keeping track of everything in a seamless way was always a challenge. I had looked at Notion multiple times before but thought it was too complex. Enter Soundarya and everything changed. Soundarya not only showed me the power of Notion, but also helped me think through the process itself to become more effective. It’s been only a few months, but with the “new thinking + Notion” I feel like my capacity to make things happen has almost gone up by 30%.

I got introduced to Soundarya through her course, More Time Everyday, in late 2021. Fast forward 6 months and I have a planner that I can use to offload all of my tasks, visually see progress on my health, family & service goals, AND track my company’s growth. Soundarya also helped set up a time-tracker that tells me how much time I spend every week on various types of tasks — which has helped me eliminate all the “thankless” jobs that take up my time. The peace of mind I get from all this has been outstanding.

I was one of the students who took Soundarya’s More Time Everyday course. After it ended, a huge sense of purpose was driven in me. I build an extensive planning system for myself during the course which is helping me be intentional with how I spend my time every day. That applies not just to the “work” part of my life, but to every part. I’m finding more time now to do things that give me pure joy.

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