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Tags: #happiness #meaning #purpose #storytelling #belonging #transcendence

Date: March 21st, 2022


The Surprising Fourth Pillar for a Meaningful Life

This video specifically caught my attention because of the fourth pillar which Emily herself says will surprise people. The other three pillars, I have heard before i.e. belonging, purpose and transcendence.

  • Belonging is very important as we are all social creatures who want to be loved and heard. We want to be accepted for who we are. But this does not mean more connections on social media because remember – less is more.
  • Purpose is about how we can contribute back to the world. It’s less about finding the right job and more about the end goal (Also See: Three Most Important Questions in Life).
  • Transcendence is very similar to the concept of The Flow where you are so involved in certain activities that you lose a sense of time and place.

But no one I have read or heard from has talked about Storytelling. We don’t realize just how many stories we tell ourselves and others. We grow up listening to stories and fables. It is indeed one of the Five Metaskills aka Superpowers Everyone Should Learn.