Free Guide: How I Got O1 Visa As A Solo Founder

On September 12th, 2023, I got my O-1A extraordinary visa approved as the solo founder and 100% owner of an educational venture that publishes books & builds communities.

From the day I learned about the O-1 visa, it took me 2.5 years, $25,000, a denial, and aย 221(g)ย to reach this milestone. In these 2.5 years, I quit my job at Salesforce,ย published a book on immigrationย (the irony, I know), andย built an online community for O-1/EB-1 visa aspirantsย (among other things).

In this 6000-word short book, I share the inside story of how/why I quit my job at Salesforce, what happened with my O-1 denial, and how I eventually got an approval.

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