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Struggling to get an internship?

A 10-step guide filled with resources to get that internship offer you’ve been waiting for.

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Want to be a Product Manager?

A structured brain dump of everything I did to break into Product Management.

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Need ideas to get your first interview?

A monster guide filled with too many useful resources & tactics to get your first interview.

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Btw, I’m a writing a book for immigrants in the U.S.

Unshackled is a practical guide for immigrants in the U.S. to become entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

It will lay out all available paths you can take as an immigrant to go from where you are to starting something of your own. Each path will come with detailed guidance and case studies of past immigrant entrepreneurs, thus demystifying immigration & giving you more control over your future.

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My Columbia journey in a book.

15,000 words.

135 pages.

16 months.

1 goal = capture my graduate school journey & help others who are yet to embark on it by giving an honest perspective on what it’s really like.

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My first year as Product Manager at Salesforce.

Transitioning from a university to a company was not easy.

Moving from New York to Seattle to start over was not easy.

But, it was worth it.

Are you graduating soon? Starting a new job?

You might just resonate with my journey.

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