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Type:🍃 Leaf [Nomenclature present here.]

Source:  [Thoughts] after conversations with [Elan]

Tags: #emotions #happiness

Date: December 18th, 2021


  • I shut myself off from many streams of content over the past year and a half, and now getting back to it feels overwhelming for me. Mainly because getting back means consuming content by other content creators, like [Ali Abdaal], which makes me feel jealous, and question myself, “Why am I not producing more?”
  • I had a conversation with [Elan] yesterday (also with [Rajesh])where he talked about jealousy and how he overcomes it, so wanted to capture some of those thoughts.
  • A few thoughts on jealousy and getting over it,
    • Beginning with self-awareness is always a great start. Knowing that one is jealous, and identifying and separating that emotion out solves half the problem, rather than stewing in jealousy and covering that up through other justifications but still letting it occupy mental real estate.

         “I too can do what she is doing, i just don’t want to/don’t think it’s valuable or worthy.”

    • Use the person who is making you feel overwhelmed as a tool to get over the overwhelm. Instead of shutting oneself off from content created by someone, why not think of them as a tool that is helping us improve ourselves, and hence, approach their content from a standpoint of curiosity?
    • “Begin treating other people’s success as your own”, as [Rajesh] says. Obviously much easier said than done. But, beginning to plant this seed of thought inside one’s mind and trying to insert it into one’s thought stream whenever jealousy crops up would be a good start.