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Date: November 21st, 2021


Life is really just a series of conversations.

There are three types of conversations that sum up your entire life,

  • the conversations you have with those around you
  • the conversations you have with yourself in your mind, and
  • (pardon me for going the Neurotech nerd route!) the conversations your hippocampus has with your neocortex when you’re sleeping.

So one way you can *really* improve the quality of your life is by improving the quality of conversations you have with those around you, with yourself inside your head, and by getting sufficient sleep.


I’ve been mostly focused on improving the quality of conversations I have *with myself* over the past year. Here are some insights on how you can improve yours,

  • Being aware of the internal monologue: It took me a while to truly understand the various [202009151422 The Voices In Our Head]. Practising meditation, sharing experiences with a close friend, and being coached by an expert greatly helped.
  • Talking to yourself the way you would to your best friend: This is SO much easier said than done. Sadly, we’re used to be harder on ourselves than those around us. The way I slowly changed this is by letting the cynical/negative voice speak, but responding to it with a much more powerful positive voice. “Okay, I hear you, but also, look at how far you’ve come, Pooja!”
  • Metta a.k.a compassion meditation: Imagining those around me AND myself being happy. =)


I want to begin working now on how I can have better conversations with the people around me. Currently, I feel good about where I stand in the way I exhibit curiosity and practice empathetic listening while conversing. Now, I would like to improve. This is where I believe getting help from [Rajesh] and reading a [Books 📗] would help.