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Yes, I want balance 🌱

At the end of a day, do you feel…


…If you’re currently in red, but want to get to green, keep reading.

The problem with old ways of planning

Nobody wakes up thinking, “I’m going to spend today feeling distracted, busy, and not work on things I actually care about.”

It happens because our brain is still playing catch-up to the rapid changes in the way we work.

A few decades ago, there was a clear boundary between work and life. Not anymore.

With the rise of knowledge work that has become mostly online and remote due to COVID19, all boundaries have dissolved.

You write emails while sitting in a restroom. Take calls while preparing lunch for your kids. Listen to podcasts while driving.

In this new boundary-less life, the way we used to plan — with scattered post-its and to-dos — leads to a busy, but unproductive life.

Without a system to keep you accountable, you could spend a year feeling busy without making progress on goals you care about.

That blog post you’ve been wanting to write and publish is still undone. Why? Is it because you don’t care about it? Or, because other things that “seem” important keep taking precedence over it? 

If it’s the latter, then the good news is: the solution is simple.

You need a system that helps you focus on what’s important and keeps you accountable.

This is what we’ll build in this course.

What will you learn build in the course?

Your life wheel 🕸️

And I really mean, your life wheel. The first step to bringing back balance is to define what that means for you. I’ll share a ready-made template with you.

Your life garden 🏡

…I know that makes no sense. It will in the course. For now, think of your “life garden” as a single page in Notion with all your goals, projects, & tasks.

Habit Tracker 🧲

Ever fallen off the wagon on a habit? Me too. But since beginning to use this habit tracker, I’ve been 80%+ consistent with all the habits I care about.

Weekly Planning Routine ⛓️

You can’t move forward without looking backward. With this routine, every week you’ll get a chance to reflect on your wins & make atomic changes, leading to incredible results.

Daily Dashboard ⭐

Think of the DD as your go-to page every day that tells you exactly what you need to do on a daily basis and keeps you accountable on your habits. It’s your best buddy.

…and you will become a pro at using Notion, our tool of choice.

There are some habits that change your whole life. Using the strategies learned in the course, and the system, I was able to develop these cornerstone habits. 12 weeks later, I am fitter, healthier, and happier.

A huge sense of purpose was driven in me after the course. I became very intentional with how I’m spending my time. That applies not just to the “work” part of my life, but to every part. I’m finding more time now to do things that give me pure joy.

What’s so great about Notion?

Think of Notion as lego blocks. 

You can build anything from a simple to-do list to a complex relational database with it. No other tool that I know of does it and does it as well as Notion. It combines the strength of Airtable, Google Docs, Trello (and more) into one tool.

Notion’s magic also comes from its strong communities on Reddit, Facebook, Discord, and more.

Talking numbers: Notion has 20+ million users and is valued at over 2 billion.

Free Lesson: Introduction to Notion

About your instructor

The phrase necessity is the mother of invention couldn’t be more true with this course.

Having always been a jack of many trades, at any point in time, I’m working on 10+ different projects (which also includes taking care of myself, cultivating hobbies, and strengthening relationships). I’m sure you can resonate with that.

To manage this chaos, I spent 2 years (and 100+ hours) experimenting with and iterating on my workflow in Notion, improving it every few months, and taking notes of everything I learned. This course is my outlet to share my knowledge.

Also, I’m one of the 14 Notion Certified Consultants in the U.S., a published author, and an ex-Product Manager at Salesforce.

I sleep better at night just because I know I don’t have to worry about forgetting something. The time-tracker I set up tells me how much time I spend every week on various types of tasks — which has helped me eliminate all the “thankless” jobs that take up my time. The peace of mind I get from all this has been outstanding.

Soundarya’s knowledge of Notion and approach to mindful productivity is unlike anything I’ve seen, mainly due to her ability to humanize questions about working and living with intention. She not only puts concepts of mindful productivity into action, but has developed her own systems that are approachable, adaptable, and effective.

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We don’t rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems.

— James Clear

Free Lesson: Building A Habit Tracker

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My life is filled with interesting projects and experiments. So, keeping track of everything in a seamless way was always a challenge. I had looked at Notion multiple times before but thought it was too complex. Enter Soundarya and everything changed. Soundarya not only showed me the power of Notion, but also helped me think through the process itself to become more effective. It’s been only a few months, but with the “new thinking + Notion” I feel like my capacity to make things happen has almost gone up by 30%.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The ideal student is someone who feels overwhelmed with the imbalance in their life, of focusing too much on one area (e.g. work) at the expense of another (e.g. health). And, believe that setting up systems and externalizing their goals will help restore balance.

No, you don’t. I walk you through the step-by-step process for everything I build. But I highly recommend playing around with Notion outside the course as well because it’s an awesome tool.

Yes! I’ll be sharing Notion templates of all the major systems we build in the course.

Awesome — just email 🙂