Making Of A Book 👀

What really goes behind writing a book? 🤔

…If you’ve ever thought that, this newsletter is your answer.

I’m working on two books at the moment: Unshackled and Project: Balance (it doesn’t have a title yet). 

Unshackled is a book about immigration & entrepreneurship in the United States. I’m co-authoring it with one of the leading immigration attorneys in the U.S., Sameer Kedekhar. Together, our goal is to help immigrants who want to build something of their own by showing all paths they can take.

Project: Balance is a book about well… balance. It’s a passion project of mine, stemming from my deep belief that a meaningful life is a balanced one across 3 main areas: personal growth, strong relationships, and contribution to the world.

For now, I’ve paused the effort on Project: Balance to focus more on Unshackled and publish it by Jan 2023.

This newsletter is an experiment for me to answer the question: would people be interested in the messy, chaotic process of a book’s creation along with than just seeing the rosy output of it?

So far, seems like at least 1600+ people think so 🙂

What about you?

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