About Project Balance

Project Bal is the book I’m currently working on.


The book’s goal is to take you from the zone of autopilot to awareness to agency. The book helps you do this by first uncovering the hidden forces (personal, cultural, societal) that influence your attention and keep you on autopilot. Then, it will give you the tools required to re-build your goals with intention and use systems-thinking to help you reach them by carving out a path for yourself.


I got the idea for it on March 17th, 2022 while meditating. Since then it has gone through various pivots (and will go through a few more).


Making Of A Book Newsletter

I publish a weekly newsletter — titled Making Of A Book — where I take you through the ideation and creation process of the book itself.

Too often, in the knowledge worker era, people only tend to show the end result of their hard work. You don’t get to see why the painter chose that color palette. Or why the designer went with Montserrat over Roboto font type. Or, what questions haunt a writer when she’s writing a book?

Making Of A Book is an experiment to test the theory: what if the reader was involved from the beginning of the journey of a book? What if the reader learned what the author is learning every week? And what if the book took shape based on feedback from the reader who it’s serving?

If you’ve ever been curious about the behind-the-scenes of a book’s creation, come join 1500+ wonderful readers! 


Table of Contents

Below are the topics included in the book (work in progress):

  • Prologue: This contains all the topics before the crux of the book begins. Think of it as foreplay for the book.
    • The Making Of This Book
    • You Are Here
    • Who is this for?
    • Who is this NOT for?
  • Problem: This part will cover the chapters that expand on the problems I’d like to address.
    • Failings of hustle culture
    • The Autopilot Dilemma
    • Hidden Forces That Keep You On Autopilot (aka The Poison Cocktail)
      • Incentives: Money, Meaning, & Prestige
      • Influences: Parents, friends, social media
      • Institutions: Education system, capitalism
      • What are mimetic desires
    • Paying attention to what you pay attention to
  • Solution: This part will cover the chapters that expand on the solutions I’d like to offer.
    • The Balance-Intentionality Framework
      • Redefining Balance
      • Introducing Framework
      • How to move between IB and II
    • The Life Garden Framework
      • A brief history of work
      • Introducing Framework
      • Taking care of yourself
      • Building a lifetime support network
    • Building Systems Mindset
      • Connecting daily actions to goals
      • Knowing your future self
      • Setting up the environment
      • The power of habits
  • Epilogue
    • What next?
    • Thinking.


Last updated: June 18th, 2022