Welcome, wonderful dreamer!

I wrote a book for you.

Admitted is the only, 👉 proven 👈, all-in-one guide for study abroad aspirants.

I want the paperback 🙂
I prefer Kindle 🙂

Now, what does the book cover?

In a nutshell, everything needed to study abroad.

Each of the 18 chapters you see in the image contain,

  • Actionable frameworks to accomplish the task 🏆

  • Personal stories and experiences 🙋🏻

  • Testimonials from past graduates 🗣️

  • Data from trustworthy sources 📈

  • … and beautiful illustrations 🎨

Oh, and there’s more.

With each purchase, you also get access to a 1300+ member Slack community & a Google Drive with key resources including Ivy League SOP & resume samples, 30+ scholarships, & a Dream Tracker 😉

Wall of 💚 for Admitted

⭐  400+ reviews across Amazon, Playbooks, & Goodreads with a 4.8-star rating. ⭐

Awesome, let me get my copy!

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