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Source: [[Neha Gupta]]’s TED talk on Is Achievement Killing Us?

Tags: #achievement #success #education #lifelessons

Date: July 21st, 2021


Thanks to [[Rajesh]], I got introduced to [[Neha Gupta]] with relation to [[Admitted]]. I watched a [[TED Talk]] of hers and wanted to take note of the following points.


She touches on the culture of “overachieving” and how it kills people from the inside while coming off very differently on the outside. She redefines achievement the following way which I could resonate with based on my own journey the past year [[Road to Success 🤗]]. She redefines achievement as,

  • Contribution > consumption: “We must identify our contribution. When we live a life of service, it drives fulfillment.” Shift your life form consumption to contribution.
    • This is adding another layer to [[202010291629 Create more than you consume Digital Gardening]]. There is creation… and there is contribution. They both seem to be the same… they are similar, but not the same. I think there is some thought that needs to go in to go from creation to contribution.
  • Authentic connection to self: “#meditation , go to a #yoga class, #travel solo, relax.” “It was the most difficult process in the beginning, but now, it gives me such euphoria.”
    • I keep hearing these words over and over, and find it so ironic that the people who proclaim this all do it post their time in schools and colleges and say how pivotal it is, AFTER someone’s most intense years of learning. The pyramid needs to be flipped, and everyone needs to learn this early on.
  • Learning to ask for help: “Get a coach and learn to ask for help. I would not have felt so alone if I had a coach.” All of the top CEOs and successful people have coaches.
    • I resonated the most with this. Nobody taught me how to ask for help, or how to help myself when I am in despair. I taught myself to take walks, #Journal , reach out to friends, watch something uplifting. If only everyone has a coach from when they were young. This also makes me think of [[LevelUp]] and the work done by [[Natasha Khimji]] who I am gonna reach out to now to say hi.