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Source: Thoughts based on reading the Mindvalley blog post

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Date: October 21st, 2020


Three Most Important Questions in Life

I brainstormed the answers to the three most important questions you can ask yourself (according to Mind Valley) in a session with [[Rhonda Farrell]] as a part of the high-performance coaching program.


What do you want to experience in life?

  • I want to be with a partner who understands me, respects me, and supports me. I want someone with whom I can be myself with and connect with on a sexual level. I want someone who makes me laugh and gets me out of my comfort zone, who is quirky, thoughtful, and loves to laugh himself. I want to eventually raise a family with him, and teach my kids what I’ve learnt in life.
  • I want to be surrounded by an immediate set of few friends who know what matters to me. I want people who don’t stick to the surface level, but rather dig deeper and really care to know about what’s happening in my life, who are there when I need them, even if I don’t say it explicitly, someone who supports me unconditionally. I want people who I can laugh with and cry with. And vice versa. I also want an extended circle of friends who have different perspectives on life, who are respectful and can have good discussions, and fun with.
  • I want my family to know about the bigger things happening in my life and some smaller things. I want them to accept me and cherish me for who I am. And I want to be there when they need me.
  • I want to also have an extended network of people who support my work, give me positive feedback to keep moving, and put a smile on my face when I need it most.
  • I want to travel — doesn’t have to be new countries. It can be another location in the same city. I want to travel to meet people who are nothing like me so I can be open minded and accepting of all cultures.
  • I want to pick up new hobbies occasionally, and eventually excel at a few of them. One of them needs to be in the area of music and one in the area of adventure sport.
  • I want to also get time to myself to recharge (like I’m doing right now).


How do you want to grow and develop yourself?

  • I want to become a person who is described by Three Words That Describes My Ideal Self
  • I want to become someone who can think ten steps ahead, who is able to build a company/organization/movement that provides a three way win:
    • Something that gives me and the people who work with me immense meaning
    • Something that adds direct value to our customers by either making them more knowledgeable/learned/mindful/thoughtful in their lives
    • Something that benefits the broader society
  • I want to develop really good habits when it comes to food, exercise, information diet, and taking care of myself and those around me. I don’t want to be lean. I just want to be healthy and comfortable with my body and appearance.
  • I want to produce content that is read by a lot of people. I want to be someone who reads a lot, but not necessarily reads fast. I want to read to learn, not to win any race. Through what I read, I want to spot patterns and let the broader community know about it.
  • I want to be someone who understands why she does what she does, and asks questions, challenges status quo hypotheses. I want to be reflective, not rigid. If something is making me unhappy/dissatisfied, I want to take proactive measures to change that.


How do you want to contribute to the world?

  • I want to be someone who believes in people’s good ideas and helps them achieve that. Someone who does not stand by when someone passionate/special is not getting the opportunity they deserve.
  • I want to help people who are prisoners of birth. I want to liberate them from their shackles either by offering money or advice or other forms of help.
  • I want to inspire and help more people to a) build good habits in their lives, and understand why that is important, b) to read more but read mindfully, c) document experiences and ideas, d) to help others.
  • I want to act as a pipeline, and help people in need through the virtue of my knowledge.