Timeline of my life (25 years)

Happyness 🙂

The second cohort of her course ends. She finally enters her new life. She’s the happiest she’s ever been 🙂

Oakland, California

She quits her job at Salesforce. She moves into a new community house. But before she could embrace the new life, work for her second cohort begins.

More Time Everyday

She launches her first course after months of hard-work. Mentally, she’s doing so much better.

San Francisco, California

She moves into a community house in San Francisco. This changes her life for the next 10 months, for the better.


She publishes her first book. This is the pinnacle of her writing career. Mentally, she’s never been more depressed.

San Francisco, California

She lands in San Francisco. She uprooted and upended her life from Bellevue, WA based on a hunch. She doesn’t know anyone in San Francisco. She starts over.

Bellevue, Washington

9 months at Salesforce and she can’t wait to leave. She tried hard to become a freelance journalist. She feels lost, lacks clarity.

Columbia University, NY (Last Day)

She finishes grad school. She entered thinking she’ll be a consultant. She graduated as a Product Manager. She thinks, “I’m set.”

Columbia University, NY

She receives an internship offer from Salesforce. She’s growing faster than she expected in her new life. She has a small but close circle of friends.

Columbia University, NY (First Day)

She is crying uncontrollably in the dingy basement of an apartment in New York, alone. She begins grad school.