My resources aka cool tools 😉

Below is a list of really cool tools/apps I use to run my life, and some of them give me a referral bonus. I hope you find value in them too!

Tool / App Use case Link My comments
Readwise Sync highlights from Kindle, articles, & books into a central location. You get 6 months of free access when you use my invite link! Click here (6 months free trial) Have been using it for ~2 years. Hands down, the best app out there for syncing highlights and helping you remember what you learned by resurfacing it with you at regular intervals.
ConvertKit The most robust email marketing tool out there for creators. Click here I’ve tried 4+ email marketing tools so far. ConverKit is THE tool for you if you’re a serious creator trying to build an audience.
Chase Card Looking for a credit card with $0 annual fee, 1.5% cashback on everything, and a $200 starting bonus? This is it. Click here I’ve been a Chase customer for 5 years now. Love the variety of offers and efficient customer service.
Another Chase Card How about a credit card that gives you 60,000 miles for spending money? Also, free checked bag on United flights. Click here Another Chase card that has $0 annual fee and really good benefits. Highly recommend if you’re planning a travel soon!
Unagi Scooter Get around in your city with a cool e-scooter by your side. Click here I’ve been riding Unagi for 8+ months and LOVE IT! The scooter goes up to 20mph (or 32 km/h) and goes up to 10 miles on one charge.
SiteGround Website hosting service with 2M+ domains. Click here I was able to bring down my website “loading” and “response” time by 50% by switching to SiteGround. Also, awesome customer support.
Robinhood Commission-free way to invest in stocks & crypto. Click here By spending less than 15-minutes per week, I’m able to invest in any stock I want for free (and make pretty decent returns. Fingers crossed!).
Wealthfront Automated “robo” investing & financial planning tool. Click here With Robinhood, I spend 15 minutes per week. With Wealthfront, I spend 0 minutes. The software does the investing for me — and still gets good (25+%) returns.
Privacy  Create unlimited *virtual* credit cards & set limits on how much you are charged. Click here Privacy has saved me hundreds of $$$ by now by stopping random merchants from charging me when I sign up for a “trial” and forget to cancel.
Airtable A simple yet robust CRM. Click here I’ve been using Airtable for 2+ years and plan to use it until someone comes up with a more seamless CRM.